Re-assemble Conference - Multicultural Museums Panel Presentation

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Reassemble Conference – Multicultural Museums Panel Presentation

Our Multicultural Museums presentation panel includes: Kym Wilton the National Education Manager from the Islamic Museum of Australia and Naomi Ryan the Co Head of Learning and Engagement, from the Jewish Museum of Australia. Hosted by Lena Cirillo, Executive Officer of Art Education Victoria. Attendees will come away with a greater appreciation and understanding of the crucial role that creativity and art play in fostering cross cultural connections and promoting empathy and understand in a diverse society.

Kym Wilton’s presentation will explore how the Islamic Museum of Australia (IMA), and more specifically the Australian Muslim Art Awards (AMAs) and the Future Australian Muslim Art Awards (FAMA), provide unique opportunities to engage in cross-cultural learning through the exploration of Islamic art forms, both traditional and contemporary. By unpacking the art and culture of Islamic societies, students and teachers alike are able to gain a more nuanced understanding of Muslim identity and experience in Australia. 

Naomi Ryan will speak on the early-modernist Marc Chagall (1887-1985), a Russian-French pioneer currently on show at the Jewish Museum of Australia. CHAGALL is an exhibition celebrating the remarkable story of an international master. The multicultural experience of Chagall is reflected in his expansive oeuvre that transcends cultural barriers and artistic movements. The Jewish Museum has been transformed into a Chagall-inspired dreamscape that includes an exclusive capsule of original works and poems, alongside bespoke immersive experiences that students will find engaging. To compliment and respond to CHAGALL, celebrate Australian Artist Commission – and vibrant exhibition concurrently on show, Carnelian by Yvette Coppersmith. Coppersmith won the 2018 Archibald prize for her painting Self Portrait, after George Lambert. Educators and students will be able to engage with this local artist images and content.


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This event took place on Fri 7 July 2023.

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