We are a not-for profit organisation largely driven by the work of volunteers. At ArtEdVic we’re keen to embrace your skills and provide opportunities to empower you within a state based organisation to develop yourself further.

Coming and joining the team allows you to build skills and networks outside of your school communities and is a great way of expanding your possibilities. We are an extremely supportive team and use Basecamp for all our internal communication. In terms of workload, some of these roles are

At the moment we’re keen to find…

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER (1-3 hours a week)

We’ve got Facebook and Instagram communities that we like to engage with to keep development, inspire, connect and empower. We also use these channels to keep members informed of developments at ArtEdVic. If you enjoy being on social media and have a keen eye for engaging content, we’d love to have you help out.  The community, while small is engaged, we’d love to work with you to grow it and build something vibrant and engaging.


LEGAL ADVISOR (1 day a month)

Our current law minded Councillor will be departing in a few months and we’re keen to find someone who is able to provide us with general insight and support with legal matters. A practicing lawyer would be ideal, or even someone studying law with an interest and passion for the visual arts.



As a not-for profit organisation, sometimes we just have menial tasks that we need some extra hands to help out with. It could be packing show bags or envelopes, it might be organising or collating resources.


Got a skill that you’d like to contribute? Let us know using the form below.

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