2022 Re-assemble Art Education Conference 

Theme: Sustainability: creating our futures

SAT 27 AUGUST 2022

Art Education Victoria is thrilled to present our annual conference in 2022 and we are re-assembling in-person this time around! The theme for this years conference is Sustainability: creating our futures.

In partnership with RMIT University School of Art, this event will take place at RMIT’s city campus. Our program will include keynote speakers, breakout sessions, Q&A’s and opportunities to network and connect with your peers.

Conference 2022 presenters ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Patricia PiccininiKeynote Presentation: We are connected
Patricia Piccinini – Contemporary Artist

Our keynote speaker is Australia’s foremost contemporary visual artist Patricia Piccinini. Working on the border of art and science, Patricia has spent close to three decades exploring humanity’s relationship to technology and the environment. Her work has been exhibited at major Australian and international institutions/galleries and events including the recent Rising Festival in Melbourne, the Vancouver Biennale and Venice biennale. Patricia will discuss the overarching themes and ideas within her practice, while exploring how contemporary technology and culture change our understanding of what it means to be human? What is our relationship with – and responsibilities towards – that which we create.

Increasingly, these concerns have drawn Patricia towards the relationship between people and the environment, and in particular the way that our understanding of that relationship impacts on sustainability. Her work aims to question the fundamental fallacy that separates people and nature, and in doing so allows us to imagine how we can exploit nature without risk to ourselves. Patricia observes that as a key issue for our times. Patricia’s interest is in making works that wonder how we might imagine a new relationship with nature that is progressive and positive for all of the species on earth, including humans but not just for humans?

Check out ArtEdVic’s, Patricia Piccinini teaching resource HERE ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Kerrie O'Brien & Debbie SymonsBreakout Presentation: Artist Interview 
Kerrie O’Brien, Senior writer, arts and culture
The Age/SMH with artist Debbie Symons

Communicating the environmental crisis

All art is political; the personal is political. Or is it? Every artist has a different perspective. In this session we delve deep and investigate what art means to artist Debbie Symons and how her practice communicates the politics of the environmental crisis, informed through statistical data and cross-disciplinary collaborations with scientific organisations. What does being an artist mean today, what role do they have or should they have informing our society and how has it changed in the past decade? What does it look like in terms of Australia – and how should it look, ideally.

Kerrie O’Brien is a journalist, writer and editor with more than 25 years experience. She is a senior writer, arts and culture, for The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald, and a regular contributor to the Lunch With column. Kerrie has written about architecture and design, food and wine, travel, business and finance. Kerrie is a Board member of ACRE, a not-for-profit organisation based in Beechworth, which teaches students how to create a business using the social enterprise model. Kerrie also enjoys being an occasional Triple R presenter.

Debbie Symons was born in Melbourne, Australia. Symons’ formative training was at Victoria College Prahran (VCA) in the fields of painting and printmaking. In 2014, Symons completed her PhD, Anthropocentrism, Endangered Species and the Environmental Dilemma, at Monash University with the assistance of an Australian Postgraduate Scholarship. Symons’ practice is multi-disciplinary, and her work addresses a range of themes, including humanity’s complicated relationship with the natural environment, the dynamics of the global political economy and the effects of consumer culture. With a strong research base in contemporary science and species, Symons utilises databases to investigate the links between these themes and collaborates with scientific organisations such as the IUCN Red List to facilitate the statistical data pertaining to her works. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Robyn HoBreakout Industry Presentation: Contemporary Conservation: Sustainability, Collaboration and Culture
Robyn Ho – Interdisciplinary conservator & interior designer

Conservation is a collections care practice that has traditionally been a hidden activity of museums and highly-trained experts, tasked with preserving cultural heritage and art for future generations. This presentation aims to uncover what contemporary conservation is and the underlying frameworks that guide conservation practice. This presentation will provide an insight into the innovative and collaborative ways that conservation is adapting to contemporary art making practices.

Presented by Robyn Ho of c/o Studios, a contemporary and modern art conservation practice based in Collingwood. Robyn has selected projects undertaken by the practice which will provide insights into the current challenges faced when conserving contemporary art. Particularly as contemporary art practices have progressively dematerialised the art object with increasing use of unconventional and ephemeral materials, this challenges the preservation ethos that has guided traditional museum practices.  __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Taylah Aimee EidBreakout Presentation: Artist Educator
Taylah Aimee Eid – Textile  Artist

Teaching Art (Indigenous Perspectives) – Through Flora and Fauna

Taylah’s presentation will focus on what local flora and fauna can teach us in the art classroom. Taylah will speak about her experience as an Artist and Art Educator and how her weaving practice connects her to her students, colleagues and community. Taylah will share her culture and give insight into how the wider community can learn and continue to embrace and share First Nation’s culture in accordance with cultural lore and customs.

Taylah Aimee Eid is a First Nations Artist from Naarm (Melbourne). Taylah studied a BA in Textile Design (RMIT) and majored in knitting and also made creations using traditional basket weaving. Taylah also has a Master of Teaching where she refined her art practice and found her love of sharing her culture and passion for art. Taylah has spoken at the NGV in the As She Appears series in 2019 and conducted workshops during the 2020 lockdown for NGV Art Club for kids. Taylah currently works as an Art Educator at an Islamic School in Melbourne’s South-East. Taylah enjoys embedding her art practice within her classroom and outside in workshops. Taylah has a strong focus on ‘slow design and her passions are her cultural practices, watercolour paintings and incorporating images of native flora and fauna in her work. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Robyn HoWorkshop: Ceramics – Form, Slip and Surface
Jennifer Conroy Smith – Artist 

In this workshop you will explore sculptural approaches to hand-building with clay. Working with a range of clay bodies, to learn their working properties and benefits, you will explore techniques including extruding, casting with liquid slip, and hand-building. Demonstrations and workshop time will encourage you to experiment, explore, and investigate material properties, with a focus on practice and enquiry. Throwing techniques and an open Q&A with a current RMIT undergraduate will also provide an opportunity for advancing skills on the wheel. 

Jennifer Conroy Smith is a Melbourne-based, British artist specialising inporcelain, predominantly creating site specific suspended installations and sculpture. Drawn to porcelain for its purity and its ability to transmit luminance,investigations explore light, shadow and movement through technicallychallenging attenuated tactile forms. Exploring the dichotomy of the porcelain’s strength with its gentle aesthetic, space and mass are treated equally, with anintegral interplay of voids encased within hand sculpted porcelain. Jennifer’s work has been acquired for both public and private art collections, and she divides her time between working to commission for National and International clients, and lecturing at RMIT University. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Adam LeeWorkshop: Water-Based Painting and Personal Rhythms
Adam Lee – Artist 

Join artist Adam Lee as he hosts a workshop demonstration on water-based painting materials and techniques, including various approaches to using acrylic, ink and watercolour. Adam will share insights into his own painting practice and daily studio disciplines, as well as ways of developing personal rhythms of creative making within daily life. He will demonstrate a variety of approaches and techniques to using painting materials, with an opportunity for participants to engage in making work during the session. 

Adam Lee’s painting and drawing practice ties together narratives of memory, imagination and transcendence. Through his works on linen and paper, Lee builds worlds where allegory and atmosphere coalesce to suggest a highly personal outlook informed by collective folklore and legend. His work references a wide range of sources including historical and family photographs, spiritual narratives, natural history, and contemporary music, film and literature to investigate aspects of the human condition in relation to ideas of temporal and supernatural worlds. These explorations find their physical manifestation in Lee’s well-honed individual style, characterised by moody landscapes and a contemporary take on tenebrism. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Workshop: Colour and Pattern with Natural Dyes
Emma Lynas and Verity Prideaux 

Engage with our expert textile designers Emma Lynas and Verity Prideaux to explore natural dyeing with plant materials from the RMIT School of Fashion and Textiles dye garden. Bring along a piece of natural fabric/yarn to dye in our hot dye bath and/or develop a seamless pattern repeat and render using plant-based watercolours. Topics will include methods for natural dyeing, dyeing with plants, basic analogue pattern and repeat methods.  Walk away with the basics of natural dyeing, basic mark making, motif and seamless pattern repeat methods, and use these larnings as a precursor to working with digital tools such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Emma Lynas has been teaching digital textile design and studio-based courses since 2006 with a focus on combining traditional media techniques with digital technologies. She is a graduate of the BA textile design program (RMIT), hold a Bachelor of Teaching (UTAS) and a PhD (RMIT) and has worked in the commercial textile design sector. Emma’s PhD explored repositioning textile design from a material practice for the marketplace towards being a ‘post-material making’ practice geared towards connection. The research revealed an expanded notion of textile intelligence focused on forming connections between people, materials and place. The findings provide insights for sustainable textile design practice.

Verity Prideaux has been a lecturer in textiles since 2003, teaching across studio courses and within the print workshop. Alongside this she has worked in bespoke printing studios and freelance as a commercial textile designer and illustrator; her main areas of interest are surface pattern design. An underlying issue of her creative practice is the preservation and dissemination of traditional printing processes, colouration and repeat systems and as a part of this, she works with artisan hand printing and dye techniques. She has a Masters of Arts in textiles design and is a representative for the School of Fashion and Textiles working on RMIT’s Ngulu and Belonging strategies, Brunswick campus Waa Weelum dye garden and Learning and Teaching Committee. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Martine CoromptWorkshop: Projection and Surface
Martine Corompt – Artist

In this workshop we will explore creative projection techniques. Working with a range of different devices (hi and lo-tech) we will experiment with projecting your own images onto various surfaces and objects. We will explore scale (from the miniature to larger than life) how to creatively use distortion, incorporate shadow, and consider how to consider these elements within the framework of an Art Installation. Please bring your own camera phone or iPad for generating images and documenting your experiments. 

Martine Corompt specialises in the intersections of fine art, public art, and moving image. Since 1995 Martine has exhibited widely in individual and group exhibitions, locally, nationally and internationally working predominantly with animation, projection and installation with a specific interest in aspects of reductive representation, and the subject audience relationship. Motifs such as the reductive representation of the natural and unnatural landscape contributed to the theme of her PhD research project titled: Cartoon and the Cult of Reductioncompleted at the VCA /University of Melbourne in 2017. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Studio Phography with Isabella CapezioWorkshop: Studio Photography
Isabella Capezio and Bronek Kozka

Facilitated by RMIT’s leading photography academics, this hands-on studio photography workshop will take you inside a professional photographic workflow in our industry-standard photographic studios. You will experience the fun and excitement of working on set while also being introduced to low-tech alternative approaches to studio portraiture. An optional tour of our our post-production and printing facilities will be available for those who are interested.

Isabella Capezio is an artist, PhD candidate and Associate Lecturer at RMIT University. Isabella helps run the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive, and P.A.G.E (photobook archive group experiment). Isabella is also involved with the Asia Pacific Photobook Archive that promotes the photobook medium and its importance as a relevant and tangible form of visual art. Their interests and                                                                          research include; landscape, queerness and different modes of process and                                                                        publication.

Bronek Kozka lives and works in Melbourne Australia. Kozka has an ongoing involvement in arts  education, he is a lecturer at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (university). His ongoing investigation into the portrayal of remembered moments, through the tableau photograph, has lead to explorations of “real vs. fake”, the use of 3D scanning and much more fluid understanding of what we remember and why it’s important to us. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Mark EdgooseWorkshop: Precious or Not – Gold and Silversmithing
Mark Edgoose – Artist

In this workshop, you will explore variations in pattern and colour using simple everyday accessible tools in order to make a pair of earrings for you to take/wear home. All you need to bring is your creativity and energy, we supply the materials with a touch of alchemy. A selection of students’ work will be on display.

Mark Edgoose is studio Lead of Gold and Silversmithing and a practicing artist/craftsperson working at the intersections of craft, design and architecture fueled with an interest in both traditional and hi-tech materials. Dr Mark Edgoose has made a significant contribution to Australian object-making since 1989. A global expert in titanium, Mark’s material-driven research manifests in exhibitions that explore the form and metaphor of craft objects as they exist in space and time. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Elyss McClearyWorkshop: Drawing as Discovery
Elyss McCleary – Artist

The ‘Drawing as Discovery’ workshop will give attendees a hands-on experience of creative thinking through making. A cycle of drawing activities will demonstrate iterative approaches to creativity that demonstrate how to generate visual ideas and then synthesize them into new developmental and resolved artworks. These drawing workshop ideas can be used in various settings by teachers working with a range of students. 

Elyss McCleary is is a Naarm/Melbourne-based artist whose practice explores a synthesizing of body and space. Her process relies upon an intuitive feeling for colour, layering, and mark-making to generate images that shift between representation and abstraction. Elyss has exhibited broadly in solo and group exhibitions in commercial, institutional, community and artist-run spaces across Australia. She also has and continues to work with and extensive collaborative community of neuro diverse artists and teaches drawing at RMIT University on the unceded lands of the Woi wurrung and Boon wurrung language groups of the eastern Kulin Nation (Naarm/Melbourne). ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Eckersley’s Art and CraftWorkshop: Waste Not, Let’s Get Creative
Dani Scaramuzzino – Eckersley’s Art and Craft

In this hands-on workshop you will play and experient with various materials with a focus on how to get the best possible results that last the test on time. 

The workshop will also focus on paint waste and what you can do to reduce this in the classroom and convert that paint waist into a relief/sculptural work of art. We explore repurposing paint waste – rethinking what we can do with it.

You will also explore the difference between your good, better, best quality materials from surfaces to paints. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Re-assemble Art Education Conference aspires to elevate your skills as Art Educators to inspire you,
connect you with peers and empower you in the art-room to enhance student learning. 

Why should you join us?

  • Connect with fellow arts educators and join our vibrant community
  • Inspirational messages from our presenters
  • Feel empowered by sharing with like-minded peers and learn about things you’re passionate about
  • Be part of a community supporting Australian based contemporary artists
  • Keynote presentations include Q&A’s
  • Breakout sessions include pedagogical and hands-on workshops
  • Opportunities to network
  • Receive a Professional Development Learning Certificate
  • A professional learning experience every art educator deserves!


Eckersley's   RMIT University




2021 Re-assemble Art Education Conference 

Online Presentions and in-person Workshops

22 Oct 2021 (Online) & 19 March 2022 (in-person)


We are so excited to announce we are re-assembling in-person and online to deliver a hybrid event. In partnership with RMIT University School of Art, the hands-on workshops will take place at the RMIT’s city campus on Saturday 19 March 2022. The online program is avilable now. Join ArtEdVic and your peers in a dynamic interactive online and in-person program rich in learning and development.

Our online program (available now) includes recordings of keynote speakers Beci Orpin and Mikala Dwyer, Future U exhibition co-curator Jonathon Duckworth and Fiona Hillary who discusses contemporary public practices in the field. There are opportunities to use our amazing Conference platform to network with peers and engage in discussion forums/tracks for focused conversations.

Our in-person program (19 March 2022) will include breakout sessions including a Think-Tank session led by Martine Corompt, Video with Sonia Leber, Augmented Reality with Troy Innocent, materials based workshops with Eckersley’s, Visual Thinking Strategies with Carly Grace, Sculpture with Fleur Summers, Drawing with Greg Creek , Gold&Silversmithing with Mark Edgoose and Artists books with Hannah Caprice. There will be opportunities to network and connect with your peers in-person.

Re-assemble Art Education Conference aspires to elevate your skills as Art Educators to inspire you, connect you with peers and empower you in the art-room to enhance student learning.

Session details are listed below

Keynote Speaker – online

Beci Orpin

Beci OrpinBeci Orpin artwork

Creativity and working outside the box
Beci Orpin – Designer, Illustrator and Maker

Beci will share her personal journey from her alternative political upbringing to uni drop out to her commercial success, and everything in between. With experimentation, sharing of ideas and realistic positivity at the forefront of her work, Beci will discuss how she balances this with both her freelance clients and personal work, and also how her creative process (and in particular the use of her sketchbooks) lends itself to both. She will also share her unique take on creativity, and how not fitting into any box has worked for her.

Beci Orpin is a creative practitioner based in Melbourne, Australia. Her work occupies a space between illustration, design and craft. Beci has run her studio for over 20 years, catering to a wide range of clients including Facebook, Disney, Google and Uniqlo. Beci also exhibits her work both locally and internationally. She has authored and illustrated four D.I.Y books and four children’s titles. Her work is described as colourful, graphic, bold, feminine and dream-like, and she has been referred to as a ‘national treasure’. Beci completed her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Textiles at RMIT University.

Keynote Speaker – online

Mikaela DwyerMikala Dwyer

Mikala Dwyer Earthcraft 2019

A practice of not knowing and knowing
Mikala Dwyer – Artist

In this keynote presentation Mikala will discuss her own journey through various education systems and why she believes art is in itself an education, and one that has the potential to support the survival of life-forms besides our own. Known for her idiosyncratic and evocative sculptural installations, Mikala will share her personal stories including having dyslexia and how she has navigated the education system and artworld. Mikala will share insights into her early work to her most recent work showing at MUMA and how this work explores the effects of ecological change, what might be lost and the need to close the gap between Indigenous and Western knowledge systems and land management. Art can be a carrier of knowledge, mythologies and cultures across time. We see the immense and profound knowledge of kin and country carried through indigenous dance, song, painting and objects across millennia. All art can hold knowledge in ways that other things can’t.

Mikala Dwyer has pushed the limits of sculpture, painting and performance, establishing herself as one of Australia’s most important contemporary artists. She has been honoured with solo survey exhibitions at the Art Gallery of NSW, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, as well as at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, ACCA in Melbourne, and the Institute of Modern Art in Brisbane. She has had many international exhibitions and several residencies and has received numerous scholarships, grants and awards. 

Breakout – Think Tank – in-person

Martine Corompt

Martine Corompt

Martine Corompt Art

Arts industry and education – reshaping and future thinking

Join interdisciplinary artist Martine Corompt and panel in a Think-Tank breakout session exploring the role of art in our evolving society. How is our Arts Industry changing and what does this mean for education? We know that art has never been more important but how do we respond to an ever-changing landscape that is both exciting and challenging? Contribute to the conversation where you have your say and where we share the learnings beyond the conference context.
Panel members:
* Dr Martine Corompt – Program Manager Bachelor of Fine Art RMIT
* Dr Kelly Hussey Smith – Lecturer in photography and a co-leader of CAST Contemporary Art and Social
Transformation Research group

Martine Corompt is the Program Manager of the Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) in the School of Art RMIT and specializes in interdisciplinary art practices including Video, Sound, Animation and expanded media installation. Since 1995 Martine has exhibited widely in individual and group exhibitions, locally, nationally and internationally including works such as Torrent exhibited at Contemporary Art Tasmania and the Centre for Contemporary Photography 2015 and Tide exhibited at Westspace gallery 2012. Subjects such as the reductive representation of bodies of water and the natural and unnatural landscape contributed to theme of her PhD research project titled: Cartoon and the Cult of Reduction completed at the VCA Melbourne University in 2017.

Breakout – Visual Thinking Strategies – in-person

VTS image in GalleryCarly Grace


Uncanny Valley, Beautiful the World, 2020 video still

What’s going on in Future U?
Carly Grace – Visual Thinking Strategies Facilitator

This interactive workshop will include guided practical Visual Thinking Strategies sessions in RMIT’s Gallery exhibition, Future U, where participants will gain insights into VTS methodology. This will be followed by a conversation about the power of authentic art experiences to foster our students’ flexible thinking and resilience. VTS is a powerful and exciting student-centred teaching pedagogy that promotes Visual Literacy. VTS discussions provide a space for our students to practise respectful, democratic and collaborative problem-solving. VTS nurtures emotional and social intelligence and builds students’ confidence and willingness to participate in group thinking and discussion. These skills and abilities are essential for our students in the 21st century.

Carly Grace is an artist and visual arts educator based in Melbourne, Australia. She specialises in interpretation education and has an extensive experience in designing and delivering diverse education and public programs within museums, community arts and diverse educational settings. Carly is an experienced Visual Thinking Strategies facilitator passionate about introducing Australian teachers to VTS. Carly’s philosophy for visual arts’ education is to connect people with the opportunities that art making and engagement in art culture can have in enriching their lives.

Image credit: Uncanny Valley, Beautiful the World, 2020, video still.  Acknowledgements to Julia Zemiro.

Breakout – Artist Led | Interactive AR – in-person

Troy Innocent Troy Innocent

Troy Innocent


See through new eyes…
Troy Innocent – Artist, Game Designer & Urban Play Scholar

In this workshop participants will be introduced to ways of making urban play with augmented reality and led through an exploration and demonstration of 64 Ways of Being on location at RMIT campus. While digital games have led to a recent focus on the technology of game development in education, seeing the world through a playful lens also opens up a broader range of creative methodologies inspired by play – in the arts, in design, and in the world. Mobile technologies such as augmented reality situate people within new experiences of place and space, allowing us to remake, reimagine and reconnect with the world around us. 64 Ways of Being puts these ideas into practice, bringing together live art, game design and public art. People and place are connected at 64 locations across the city via augmented reality encounters capturing different ways of being. These experiences re-imagine Melbourne’s identity as expressed through its creative, linguistic, cultural, social and urban diversity.
Materials: please bring your fully-charged phone.

Troy Innocent is an urban play scholar and creator of 64 Ways of Being, a mobile platform for experiences blending live art, game design and public art. Based at RMIT University, his work connects digital media poetics, creative code, visual language, mixed realities and playable cities. Innocent develops augmented reality games that blend physical objects with digital interfaces to reimagine everyday urban environments in playful ways; situating his work in Melbourne, Bristol, Barcelona, Istanbul, Ogaki, Sydney, Singapore and Hong Kong. Working with the city as a material, his practice explores ways of being that reimagine, reconfigure and reconnect with the world.


Breakout – Artist Led | Video – in-person

Sonia LeberSonia Leber



Video installations: the non-singularity of multi-screens
Sonia Leber – Artist 

One way that video art differs fundamentally from the cinema is in its embrace of multi-screen video installations, where screens are simply placed side by side, or carefully distributed across a gallery space. In this workshop we will discover different ways of building up multi-screen projects by investigating how different moving image relationships can be established across rhythms and energies, parallel views, and conceptual mirroring. We will consider what happens when ideas and screens combine and coalesce: the potentialities and the pitfalls. We will work towards using our own mobile phones to collaboratively build up a series of thematic multi-screen video installations.
Materials: please bring your fully-charged phone.

Sonia Leber is known for her distinctive installation artworks, using video, sound, architecture and public participation. Her practice draws on cinematic methods (sonic and visual) to build up highly detailed and conceptual videoworks that emerge from the real, but exist significantly in the realm of the imaginary. In collaboration with David Chesworth, exhibitions include 56th Biennale of Venice (2015); 19th Biennale of Sydney (2014); ‘Freedom of Sleep’, Fondation Fiminco, Paris (2021); ‘What Listening Knows’, Messums Wiltshire, UK (2021); ‘The State We Are In’, Galeria Labirynt, Poland (2018); ‘And Tomorrow And’, Index, Stockholm (2018); ‘The Score’, Ian Potter Museum of Art (2017); ‘Call of the Avant-Garde’, Heide (2017); ‘Borders, Barriers, Walls’, MUMA, Melbourne (2016); and ‘Melbourne Now’, NGV (2013-14). Their survey exhibition ‘Architecture Makes Us’, curated by CCP in Melbourne (2018) toured to UNSW Galleries, Sydney (2019) and Griffith University Art Museum, Brisbane (2019).

Sonia Leber is a Senior Industry Fellow in the School of Art at RMIT University.
A full project history can be found at leberandchesworth.com 

Breakout – Artist Led | Collage – in-person
Beci Orpin Collage  

Paper on Paper/Collage
Beci Orpin

Beci will give a brief presentation specifically related to her collage work and use of sketchbooks before encouraging participants to share with each other effective ways to work with students to get the most out of using collage as a medium to make art and using sketchbooks for idea generation and planning. Learn the ins and outs of collage with Beci Orpin who will guide you through her methods and processes of making art with paper collage. You will experiment in mark-making as well as learn about various papers, glues, composition and colour. Included in the workshop is a take-home copy of Beci’s Paper Collage handbook.

Breakout – Artist Led | Sculpture – in-person

   Fleur Summers

Sculpture with sugar cubes-plaster

Sculpture: Exploring Positive + Negative Space
Fleur Summers – RMIT Sculpture Studio

This workshop will explore positive and negative space using simple casting, plaster and sugar cubes. Participants will make a small geometric plaster work to take home.

Fleur Summers is the studio leader of the Sculpture Studio at RMIT University. She has experience in hand modeling and casting bronze for public art and her work can be seen at Jewell Station in Brunswick. She is also interested in installation, video and social practice.


Breakout – Artist Led | Artists’ Books – in-person

Hannah CapriceHannah Caprice

Hannah Caprice Animalgamations



Artists’ Books
Hannah Caprice – Artist           

In this workshop, you will learn how to make a simple stab-bound book measuring 14cm high and 19cm wide. You will learn how to tear and fold paper using a bone folder, cut and fold a cover, and stitch your pages together using waxed thread. We will also explore ways you can experiment with layering your pages using different types of paper, and we will discuss various book cover options.

Hannah Caprice is an emerging artist and graduate of RMIT’s Fine Art Printmaking program. She adores working with all things on paper and never ceases to be amazed with its extensive versatility and material qualities.

Hannah was awarded the 2020 APW Collie Print Trust Scholarship for Emerging Victorian Printmakers. She was a 2020 Studio Sponsored Resident at Baldessin Press, and most recently she received the Emerging Artist Award from Castlemaine Art Museum’s Experimental Print Prize exhibition. When she’s not scraping away at copper plates, she works as a visual art technician at a school in Melbourne’s inner east.

Image credit: Hannah Caprice – Artist Book, Animalgamations

Breakout – Artist Led | Drawing as Discovery

Greg Creek





Dr Greg Creek

RMIT Drawing Studio






Drawing as Discovery
Dr Greg Creek – RMIT Drawing Studio

The ‘Drawing as Discovery’ Workshop will present attendees with a hands-on experience of creative thinking through making. A cycle of drawing activities will demonstrate iterative approaches to creativity that demonstrate how to generate visual ideas and then synthesize them into new developmental and resolved artworks. These drawing workshop ideas can be used in various settings by teachers working with a range of students. All materials will be supplied.

Greg Creek is Studio Lead Drawing & Video and a practicing artist of 30 years’ experience creating large painting, drawing and installation projects. He has held group and individual exhibitions in Australia, Asia, the U.K. and Europe, and is represented by Sarah Scout Presents, Melbourne.

Breakout – Artist Led | Gold and Silversmithing
Mark Edgoose
Dr Mark Edgoose

Gold and Silversmithing Studio
Gold and Silversmithing
Dr Mark Edgoose and Sam Mertens

In this workshop, you will explore variations in pattern and colour using simple everyday accessible tools in order to make a pair of earrings for you to take/wear home. All you need to bring is your creativity and energy, we supply the materials with a touch of alchemy. A selection of students’ work will be on display.

Mark Edgoose is studio Lead of Gold and Silversmithing and a practicing artist/craftsperson working at the intersections of craft, design and architecture fueled with an interest in both traditional and hi-tech materials. Dr Mark Edgoose has made a significant contribution to Australian object-making since 1989. A global expert in titanium, Mark’s material-driven research manifests in exhibitions that explore the form and metaphor of craft objects as they exist in space and time.

Breakout – Explore Materials workshop in-person
Expanding Foam Contemporary Sculptures with Expanding Foam
Dani Scaramuzzino (Eckersley’s Art & Craft)

In this materials-based workshop we will be exploring the use of expanding foam in a sculptural form and creating an artwork protruding off canvas. Expanding Foam reveals a very volatile yet fascinating nature and can be used in many ways and across subjects like PDT, VCD, Art and Studio Arts. This fascinating material can be layered and painted. Using the material is sort of like carving something down from a block of foam, but expanding foam offers a little more flexibility. Expanding foam is the ideal product for creating Statuesque, grotesque and quirky contemporary sculptures in all its organic beauty. Dani has over 20 years’ experience working in the arts and crafts industry and is a skilled experienced demonstrator of art and graphics materials including resin casting, acrylics and mediums, marker rendering and so much more. Dani also supports students and teachers with technical support within the visual arts education sector visiting schools all through Victoria and Tasmania.
Breakout – Explore Materials workshop in-person
Painting with Gouache Painting with Gouache
Dani Scaramuzzino (Eckersley’s Art & Craft)

Is it Gouachee, Goo-Ash or Gwash? This hands-on practical workshop will introduce you to the painting medium, Gouache. As Reeves Fine Artist Gouache Paints are water-based, they offer the flexibility to re-wet and re-work dried colour. This versatile medium is ideal for layering opaque colours or simply to make colour adjustments easily. Learn to paint a colourful fish with step-by-step instructions using only 5 colours of Reeves Gouache Paints. Create a variety of colours by mixing your 5 basic colours. This medium is ideal for commercial artists, for creating posters, illustrations, comics, and other design work. Also, the perfect medium for fashion, media, film and advertising. Due to its lovely matte finish it allows for accurate vibrant photographing.

Eckersley’s Art & Craft
* Visit the Eckersley’s stand to get your goodie bag full of art and craft materials
* See examples of what you can create with various different products.
* Pick up special offers and the Eckersley’s teacher discount card to use in store.
* Choose to go into the draw for the Mixed Media prize
* See above for art materials based workshops that Eckersley’s will be presenting

Piper Press

Piper Press a contemporary art book publisher is supporting the conference by providing a complimentary art book to all attendees on 19 March 2022!

WooHoo and thank- you Margaret and John  : )



Eckersley's RMIT University


Creative Currency Conference


Art Education Victoria
is proud to present our inaugural

creative currency conference


As Art Educators we are aware that an Arts-rich education fosters student confidence, critical and creative thinking across all learning areas, and general life skills. Creative Currency Conference aspires to elevate your skills as Art Educators to inspire you, connect you with peers and empower you in the art-room to enhance student learning.

Join ArtEdVic and your peers in a dynamic interactive online program rich in learning and development. This live streamed and pre-recorded special event will include an innovative conference community platform, keynote speakers, breakout sessions, live Q&A’s and online discussion Tracks (track and contribute to topic/theme areas).  We are excited about using this new technological platform – which will ensure we are able to connect and network together over a period of time.

Conference PROGRAM
We are excited to host world renowned artists Maree Clarke and Ian Strange and our special guest break out session speakers Kerrie Poliness, James McDonald, Sim Luttin, Zeta Wilson and Dr Stefania Giamminiuti.

KEYNOTE Presentations


Maree Clarke wearing kangaroo tooth necklace



Ancestral Memories: Connection to Country, Culture and Place
Maree Clarke | Artist (morning Keynote )



Ian Strange | Keynote


Art, Home and Suburbia
Ian Strange | Artist (afternoon Keynote )






Kerrie Poliness | Artisst Photo by Polo Jimenez



Drawing in the world
Kerrie Poliness | Artist




Zeta Wilson - VCAA


Aboriginal Perspectives in Visual Arts and Media Arts
Zeta Wilson | Project Manager – Aboriginal Perspectives | Curriculum
Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority  




Arts Project Australia

Inclusivity: Critical & Creative Thinking
Arts Project Australia
James McDonald (Studio Manager) | Sim Luttin (Exhibition Manager)



Dr Stefania Giamminiuti


The ATELIER as a Guarantee of Pedagogical and Cultural Transformation
Dr Stefania Giamminuti | Curtin University School of Education



The Creative Currency Conference is an invaluable opportunity to develop your skills around the Visual Arts, be inspired by contemporary artists and gain insights into their methodologies and practise. It will also be a great opportunity to make strong connections with other educators and people who have a passion for the visual arts through our interactive conference platform.

Our conference community platform will be accessible on Monday 3 August, on the day of the conference Friday 14 August and up until the end of October. Throughout this 90 day experience you’ll be encouraged to share and learn from colleagues and engage in the dialogue and discourse of art education, whenever and wherever it suits you.

Make 2020 your most empowered yet, regardless of your role or current skill level.


  • Connect with educators from around the country and the globe.
  • Inspirational messages from our presenters.
  • Feel empowered by sharing with like-minded delegates and learn about things you’re passionate about- Art & Education
  • You are supporting Australian based artists
  • Keynote presentations including live Q&A’s
  • Breakout sessions include pedagogical topics
  • Join your Art Educator community in a supportive environment
  • Opportunities to network through our online platform pre/during/post conference
  • Conference offerings available online until the end of October
  • Receive a Professional Development Learning Certificate
  • Suitable for ALL educators
  • Tertiary Students/Pre-Service Teachers are entitled to a discount
  • ArtEdVic members are entitled to receive a discount
  • Zero travel costs and attend in the comfort of your own environment
  • A professional learning experience every art educator deserves


2018 Annual Conference

NGV, ACMI, ACCA, Testing Grounds, and Melbourne Town Hall

Timed to coincide with the NGV Triennial and ACCA’s Unfinished Business, the 2018 Annual Conference was based at Testing Grounds and operated across a number of venues. The conference featured acclaimed artists Sally Smart, Michael Peck, Emily Floyd, Sophie Takách, Emma Davies and Hermès artisans. It also included an opportunity to discover meaningful learning experiences around the Triennial and using virtual reality (VR) with students.

It was an amazing opportunity for participants to develop their skills, get inspired by contemporary artists, make strong connections with other art educators, and become empowered in their role.

2018 Program overview

FamilyTreeHouse (femmage, shadows and symptoms) – Sally Smart – NGV Education Studios
Sally Smart is represented in leading collections around the world, exhibiting since 1988 in Australia and internationally. Working with collage, large-scale assemblage installations and increasingly, performance and video, her practice engages identity politics, ideas relating to the body, the home and history.

Objects in Space – Michael Peck – NGV Education Studios
Michael has produced commissioned work in London, Berlin and New York and has undertaken studio residencies at Paradise Hills Studio’s, Blender studios and was Artist in Residence at Birrarung House in 2013. Michael has been a finalist in The Archibald Prize, The Sulman Prize, The Doug Moran Portrait Prize, The Dobell Drawing Prize, the Metro 5 Award, The City of Hobart art Prize and received the National Gallery of Victoria Trustees Award. His current practice is a cross discipline of painting, drawing and site-specific installation works exploring notions of memory and the shaping of identity.

NGV Triennial highlights – NGV Education Team – NGV Schools Entrance
A lively introduction to exhibition highlights that will stimulate students’ curiosity and imagination and build confidence in responding to contemporary art and design.

Explore and Draw NGV Triennial – NGV Education Team – NGV Schools Entrance
Working with an educator, students will explore the NGV Triennial with iPads, engaging with a variety of works to inspire their own digital works of art. This session will stimulate students’ curiosity, using a range of apps and digital techniques to respond to contemporary art and design.

Mathemagical pattern perfection – NGV Education Team – NGV Schools Entrance
Inspired by the myriad ways artists and designers in the NGV Triennial have used and created pattern, students will explore how to use kaleidoscopic colour, rhythmic repetition and symmetry to create their own perfect patterns. Elect to do this program with either traditional media or iPads (using apps such as Amaziograph, Isometric and Fragment).

Visual Thinking Strategies – Carly Grace (Heide Museum of Modern Art) – NGV Education Theatre
Carly Grace is an artist and visual arts educator based in Melbourne, Australia. She specialises in interpretation education and has an extensive experience in designing and delivering diverse education and public programs within museums, community arts and diverse educational settings. She is currently the Education Manager at Heide Museum of Modern Art where she specialises in training educators in Visual Thinking Strategies. Her philosophy for visual arts’ education is connecting people with the opportunities that art making and engagement in art culture can have in enriching their lives.

yielding//unyielding – Sophie Takách – ACCA
Sophie Takách makes performative sculptural objects that incorporate ephemeral installation and movement, directing attention to the embodied quality of experience. The physical components are conceived as devices that enable further action to take place, acting as support structure or simple machines; basic mechanical objects that amplify the application of force. Drawing on a deep interest in science and the underlying physical processes of the universe, she exploits the interactions between force and matter to capture transitional states of change. She is currently exhibiting as part of Unfinished Business until March 21, 2018 at ACCA. She lives and works in Melbourne, and is currently undertaking postgraduate research at MADA, Monash University.

Reimagining space and perspective through 360-degree filmmaking – Ellen Malloy – ACMI Studio One
Ellen is an educator at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image. She has completed a Bachelor of Contemporary Arts (Media Arts) and is a qualified primary teacher and graphic artist. She is a passionate animator, filmmaker and photographer and is currently creating the dynamic education program for Wonderland, ACMI’s Winter Masterpiece exhibition.

Transforming materials – Emma Davies – NGV Education Studios
Emma’s process of discovery and invention is largely experimental. She satisfies her curiosity by working with contemporary materials and using unconventional methods to challenge the possibilities of each creation. Her reward is in removing materials from common functionality such as packaging and being able to transform what is intrinsically ugly into something beautiful. Currently she is working on a range of private commissions.

Studio Essentials – David Becerra – NGV Education Studios
The artistic work of David Becerra focuses on the search for similarities among the symbolic universes of popular characters, comparing their similarities in order to create a new “parallel universe” where the artist can alter the functions of the characters, using the symbol as a path between the image and the object.

Artist Workshop – Emily Floyd– ACCA
Working in sculpture, installation, printmaking and public art, Emily Floyd is renowned for her text-based sculptures and pedagogically inspired works that combine formal concerns with an interest in the legacies of modernism. Her work engages a wide range of disciplines and endeavours including public art and social activism, design and typography, literature and cultural studies, community participation and public education, and various political ideologies. Intersecting public space with carefully considered design, the artist creates bold spaces for public engagement and interaction.

Exploring HTC Vive & Tilt Brush and Its Classroom Applications – Meg Kingwell – ACMI Studio One
A passionate user of technology in the classroom, Meg Kingwell is introducing the Victorian Curriculum F-10 Digital Technologies curriculum as a specialist subject in Hallam Primary School’s Design Space, a specifically equipped technology space. Meg works with a range of technology including 3D printers, NAO Humanoid Robots and VR systems, including Tilt Brush. She is focussed on instilling in students the confidence to explore possibilities that we are yet to imagine.

Hermès at Work – Miranda Samuels – Melbourne Town Hall
Miranda Samuels is a Sydney based art educator with experience researching, designing and facilitating education programs for a range of cultural institutions within community, state and commercial contexts.

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