Art Education Victoria has been a leading voice in visual arts education in Victoria for over sixty years.

In 1972 the Art Teachers Association of Victoria (founded in 1953) and the craft teachers association came together to form the Art Craft Teachers Association. Today we are known as Art Education Victoria.

We are a non profit organisation that supports and represents art educators. We advocate for and advance quality visual arts learning and teaching experiences by providing resources, programs, and opportunities for partnerships and collaboration within the Victorian community.

Our vision is for a vibrant, interconnected and high quality learning community that supports and enhances creativity and participation in the visual arts for all Victorians.

We are very proud of our legacy of representing and serving Victorian art educators for more than sixty years. We owe so much to those who came before. At our 2016 Annual General Meeting we acknowledged the contributions of life members and began to collect their stories. In the year ahead we continue to record the history of the association and share it with you in this space.



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