Our Mission

Our Vision

A dynamic, vibrant, interconnected and high quality learning community that supports and enhances creativity and participation in the visual arts.

Our Mission

Art Education Victoria advocates for and enhances quality visual arts learning and teaching experiences by providing resources, programs and opportunities for partnerships and collaboration.

Our Values



We are striving for excellence in creating quality educational experiences that facilitate creativity and a lifelong appreciation for the arts.


We are an independent voice in art education.


We collaborate with educators, artists and organisations to foster enriching learning and teaching experiences.

We provide opportunities for partnerships and relationships within the arts and education communities.

We celebrate the contributions and efforts of our members and others in the art education community.


We are an agent for professional development and career advancement.

We exist to support and represent our members.

We place our members at the centre of everything we do.


We strive to be a financially, environmentally and a socially sustainable organisation.



The Art Education Victoria Constitution 2020 was approved at the August 2020 AGM and provides Art Education Victoria a solid foundation for our organisation.



Art Education Victoria is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for profit Commission



Copies of our Annual Reports provides an overview of Art Education Victoria’s activity during each 12 month period. This includes progress towards strategic goals and the financial report for each period. It is presented at the AGM alongside the financial report. If you are an ArtEdVic member and would like a copy of our Annual Report please email us.

Annual General Meetings


Our Annual General Meetings (AGM) are an opportunity to reflect on the challenges and successes of the previous year, review the financial position of Art Education Victoria, and elect the Board for the year ahead. They usually occur within five months of the end of our financial year and are promoted in the Workshops and Presentations page.

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Art Education Victoria exists for and because of our passionate community. Our members include art and generalist educators, schools and tertiary institutions, arts and cultural organisations, and businesses across Victoria and beyond. Become a member today to receive a range of benefits, join a community, and support collective advocacy for visual arts education.


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