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Get exam ready with VCE Art Trial Exams!

We have developed unique Trial Exams for both VCE Art: CP and VCE Art: ME to use as a resource in preparation for exam time to give students a genuine exam experience.

The 2023 ArtEdVic Trial Exams are formatted to resemble the official VCAA exam and fully reproducible for use within the purchasing school. The Trial Exam covers the major topics to be assessed in the VCE Art end of year examinations using original exam questions.

The exam challenges student skills and knowledge, and has been written and reviewed by expert teachers and assessors in each study. The 2023 Trial Exam comes complete with a question book, full colour insert of art images and an answer guide with sample responses compiled into three separate high quality PDFs.


What’s Included?

  • Trial exam paper
  • Artwork insert with high-quality images
  • Answer guide with sample responses

How will I receive my Trial Exam?

Once you have processed your order via our website an email will be automatically sent to you with a link to download the three documents. If you have any issues receiving this email, please email us at


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