Art Education Victoria in partnership with RMIT University will host the Re-Assemble Art Education Conference in-person.

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    FRIDAY 12 JULY 2024


The theme is Creative Journeys: Fostering Identity and Belonging. This conference seeks to bridge the gap between theory and practice, offering a platform for educators to explore innovative approaches to teaching. Through presentations, workshops and collaborative discussions, participants will delve into the following key themes: 

  1. Fluidity of Identity: Explore how art can challenge fixed notions of identity, allowing for the exploration of fluid and evolving identities.
  2. Representation and Diversity: Examine the role of art in representing diverse identities and amplifying marginalized voices within the classroom and beyond.
  3. Self-Reflection and Empowerment: Empower students to reflect on their own identities and experiences through art-making, fostering a sense of agency and self-awareness. 

Conference Program

The Conference program will include a keynote speaker, workshops, breakout sessions, Q&A’s and opportunities to network and connect with peers. A renowned contemporary artist, keynote speaker will share new perspectives and fresh insights about their artistic practice. Participate in interactive and experiential workshops, thought-provoking breakout sessions and enlightening Q&A sessions to empower you with practical tools and strategies relevant to art educators. The conference also provides a perfect platform to network and create connections with fellow art educators who share your passion.

In addition to the conference we have curated a special pre-conference event with our gallery partner the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV).

The Re-assemble Art Education Conference is dedicated to elevating your skills as art educators. Our mission is to inspire, connect, and empower you in the art-room, ultimately enhancing student learning. By joining us, you will gain fresh perspectives, discover innovative teaching approaches, and be part of a community that believes in the power of personal connections and shared experiences.

ArtEdVic is committed to bringing our community together in-person and believe connecting in this way is fundamental to our well-being as educators and artists. It is an opportunity to invigorate your teaching practices but also provide an opportunity to recharge your creative energies.

Join us as we embark on a journey to explore the transformative potential of art education in shaping identities, fostering empathy, and promoting social change. Together, let us reimagine art classrooms as spaces of empowerment, dialogue, and inclusive representation.


Light, Object, Shadow Workshop
The workshop will look at the fundamentals of working with light as an art making strategy. Considering each component, we will look at the light, the object lit, and the shadow created as equally considered components of an installed artwork. The intention of the workshop is for participants to become familiar with light as a material which can be manipulated and the simple technology, we might use to achieve this. We will also explore the more philosophical interpretations of light used in this way, look at artists working with light and a brief history of light and optics more generally.  


Facilitated by Artist Arlo Mountford:
Mountford works primarily with large-scale interactive installations that integrate sound, video and animation. His digitally animated films feature a dizzying assortment of famous artists, iconic artworks and events from the history of art mixed with an almost equally generous array of pop culture references. Infused with humour and irony, Mountford’s work re-navigates art history, and explores the contextual relationship between contemporary art practice and its perceived past.

Arlo Mountford | Artist Website

ick Mould Slip Casting Ceramics Workshop

Explore and experiment with mould making and slip casting techniques in the ceramic studio. Participants will be introduced to a technique to make quick plaster moulds from a fabric plaster bandage, enabling accessibility in applying this process to school environments. Ceramic slip casting will then be explored, in which a liquid clay body is poured into our new plaster moulds, to create a hollow ceramic form. With a transference of both the original shape and surface texture, the technique allows multiples to be built into composite ceramic forms.


Facilitated by Ceramic Artist Jennifer Conroy-Smith:
Through attenuated porcelain forms, Jennifer explores the dichotomy of the material’s strength, with a delicate diaphanous aesthetic. Suspended installations consist of multiple hand sculpted porcelain, encompassing thousands of individual pieces to create larger sculptural forms and landscapes. 
Jennifer’s practice also researches combining porcelain with non-traditional materials to explore expanded materiality through new composites, employing experimental process led techniques. Her work has been acquired for both public and private collections, and she divides her time between working to commission for National and International clients, and lecturing in Fine Art (Ceramics) at RMIT University. 

Jennifer Conroy-Smith | Artist Website

Do the Locomotion Animation Workshop

Collaborate on a stop-motion animation installation in this hands-on activity. Make sets and characters to create a 2D stop-motion animation set in a train carriage. You will discover some tricks and tips for how to set up a cost effective stop-motion studio for your students as well as some fun ideas for group projects.


Facilitated by Artist and Animator Isobel Knowles:
Knowles an award winning animation artist and educator. Her work has premiered at Cannes, Venice, Rotterdam and Melbourne film festivals and in other festivals and galleries all over the world. She has a love of collaboration and education. Her workshops celebrate play and experimentation within a structured framework that invites collaborative contribution towards a group project.

Isobel Knowles | Artist Website

Sculptural Relief

Explore simple techniques to make plaster reliefs. Plaster is one of the most versatile materials in sculpture and can easily be used to capture impressions from a huge range of materials. Make a small relief to take back to the classroom and share with students. Images of students work and professionals who use similar techniques will also be shared. The workshop will be held in the Sculpture studios.


Facilitated by Ceramic Artist Fleur Summers:
Summers is a Melbourne based artist with a focus on sculptural and spatial practices. She is particularly interested in socially engaged works and how humans can connect and communicate through an engagement with traditional sculptural materials. This specifically involves haptic encounters in the public realm through play and open-ended material explorations. Fleur’s most recent major public project is a steel and bronze multi-part sculpture called Making Sense at Jewell Station in Brunswick which was commissioned by VicTrack and produced in conjunction with Neometro and Glas landscape architects.
Fleur is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Art and is the Studio Leader in the Sculpture Studios at RMIT. She has 20 years experience in developing and teaching conceptual and technical courses in Sculpture. She is also interested in working with community groups and has an interest in creativity and mental health.

Fleur Summers | Instagram

Artist’s Book Workshop

In this
workshop, you will learn how to create a simple stab-bound book. You’ll fold and tear paper with a bone folder, use an awl to punch holes in your book block, and stitch the pages together with waxed thread. We’ll explore the advantages of the stab-bound design and examine both historical and contemporary examples. We’ll also discuss the types of paper that work best for this design, alternative approaches to page-making, and various book cover options. 


Facilitated by Printmaker and Artist Hannah Caprice:
Hannah Caprice is a Canadian-Australian printmaker and book artist with Indo-Trinidadian and Slavic heritage. She combines traditional print practices with book arts to explore themes of hybrid identity and the search for emotional intimacy. She is particularly interested in how emotional intimacy with others can mitigate feelings of alienation and enrich our sense of self. She adores the materiality and versatility of paper and has a particular affinity for Japanese papers.

Hannah Caprice | Artist Website

Waves of Change Photography Workshop

This workshop will explore cultural diversity through portraiture. We will consider the importance of stories and how diverse stories can be shared to facilitate a culture of mutual understanding and respectful discourse. How art can learn from the past, find the gaps in the present, and rewrite mainstream narratives? How can portraiture be used as a means to ‘construct the self’ and, in turn, empower individuals, preparing them for resilient futures, while also subverting mainstream narratives?
Working with digital SLR cameras and studio lighting, we will explore how individual stories can be told through portraiture. Please bring two objects of personal/familial/cultural or traditional significance to use as props. Costumes and fabric are also welcome. This will be a practical workshop please be prepared to be photographed. 


Facilitated by Artist Sofi Baseghi:
Basseghi is a visual artist and researcher of Iranian/European heritage based in Naarm. Her multidisciplinary and collaborative art practice is informed by Persian literature with an aim to cross inflicted boundaries and question cultural and traditional mores. As well, it examines contested histories within political and poetic landscapes. Sofi has been the recipient of numerous grants, scholarships, and fellowships. Her work has been exhibited at film festivals, museums, and galleries nationally and internationally and are held in private and public collections including the State Library of Victoria.

Sofi Baseghi | Artist Website


Ticket Prices

General Admission: $ 450
ArtEdVic Member: $ 420
ArtEdVic Member | Concession:  $ 327
* catering included

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Why should you join us?

  • Connect with fellow arts educators and join our vibrant community
  • Inspirational messages from our presenters
  • Feel empowered by sharing with like-minded peers and learn about things you’re passionate about
  • Be part of a community supporting Australian based contemporary artists
  • Keynote presentations include Q&A’s
  • Breakout sessions include pedagogical and hands-on workshops
  • Opportunities to network
  • Receive a Professional Development Learning Certificate
  • A professional learning experience every art educator deserves!



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