VCE Art & Studio Arts Preparation

Getting you off to a good start!

At Art Education Victoria, we’re keen to help build your creative confidence and ability. The resources below are designed to help you learn from those who have gone before you and expert educators who have seen many students through the process

VCE Studio Arts and VCE Art Exam Revision Seminars

Our wonderful presenters with past VCE students will inspire your students with tips, tricks and strategies for preparing for the 2021 VCE Studio Arts and VCE Art exams. This session is for VCE teachers to improve student learning outcomes and a recording of the presentation will be accessible to students after the seminar. 👌👍

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VCE Studio Arts & VCE Art Trial Exams

ArtEdVic has developed unique Trial Exams for both VCE Art and VCE Studio Arts to use as a resource in preparation for exam time. The 2021 ArtEdVic Trial Exam covers the major topics to be assessed in the end of year examinations.

The trial exam challenges student skills and knowledge, and has been written by expert teachers in each study. The 2021 trial exam comes complete with a question book, full colour insert of art images and an answer guide with sample responses compiled into three separate high quality PDFs.

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KickstART VCE 2021

Did you or your students miss out on our KickstART (folio development) event earlier this year? Watch the recording and be re-inspired. A focus on VCE folio development that you can share with your year 11 students moving into year 12.

KickstART is a student driven program that ArtEdVic presents in partnership with the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) to support VCE Art and Studio Arts students and teachers. Hear from NGV Top Arts exhibitors and high achieving students to help current students gain inspiration and insight for VCE.

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CLICK HERE for more information about the ART recording

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