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ARTicle is the online journal of Art Education Victoria (ArtEdVic). Our audience is our members which include pre-service educators, graduate teachers, specialist and generalist teachers, museum educators, and other members of the art or education community. The purpose of ARTicle is to engage both writer and audience in reflective practice and inspire excellence across the state.



So why write an article for ARTicle?

  • Having an article published in our online journal about a project or activity can raise the profile of the visual arts in your school and community.
  • It is a special way of celebrating your students’ achievements.
  • You can help other educators seeking alternative approaches and new ideas.
  • Recording and reflecting upon your work is good practice as an educator.
  • Writing an article is a means of self-evaluation and formative self assessment.
  • It can be part of your professional learning.


Why not make a contribution? Many educators have said that it seemed daunting at the outset but was quite straightforward once they began.



What do teachers write about? 

  • Your article could concentrate on any aspect of practice that involves art either discretely or integrated with other subjects in a cross-curricular approach.
  • You might describe a particular artistic technique or process that was introduced which produced exciting outcomes. 
  • It might be that your school has introduced a different curriculum model that you find successful for the visual arts. 
  • You might describe how your own practice informs your teaching. 
  • Alternatively you might describe some proactive approaches in your role as an art subject leader. 
  • You might reflect on a school excursion to a gallery and describe how you connected the information gathered from the exhibition to lessons in the classroom.


For further information around writing articles click here for a Writing Style or here for a sample article.

If you want to discuss a contribution or test out an idea for a piece please contact the ARTicle Team 


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