More than words can say (NAAE)


Product Description

This is a collection of papers that attempt to define what is meant by ‘literacy’ in each of the art forms: dance, drama, media, music, visual art and design. The intention is to stimulate discussion amongst teachers and to raise awareness of the potential for the arts to enhance learning across the curriculum.

Chapter titles

  • A view of literacy through the arts by Joan Livermore
  • Visual literacy by Lee Emery & Adele Flood
  • Design literacy: process & product by Keith Russell, Kathryn Grushka & Howard Middleton
  • The language of dance by Ralph Buck
  • I hear what you mean: music literacy in the information technology age by Margaret S. Barrett
  • The language of drama: making and communicating meaning by Robin Pascoe
  • Media literacy and the information age by Robyn Quin
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