Elements Posters + Booklet Set

Visual literacy is the prime language of our students, but how do we support them in developing a sophisticated vocabulary? At ArtEdVic we’ve created a resource that builds on the concept of a word wall. The lists support the current VCAA recognised Art Elements and are broken down into a scale to encourage the use […]


John Olsen: The You Beaut Country is a major exhibition offering an unparalleled opportunity to examine Olsen’s consummate place in Australian art history. This education resource for teachers of years F-12 presents a range of lesson ideas, helpful links and support materials inspired by the work of one of Australia’s most iconic artists.

Responding to Art | NGA

Responding to art from the National Gallery of Australia’s Collection is a resource for senior secondary students investigating a variety of themes and issues in art. From Pop art to Indigenous perspectives, art and artists from Australia and across the world are featured this multi-touch book. Galleries of works from the national collection are accompanied […]

Cheat Sheet

Sometimes you need a little help getting the ball rolling. We’ve developed this juicy list of themes and concepts to help you out. On the second page you’ll find some considerations you might take when examining artworks including exploring artists and viewers.

Artful Thinking | Harvard Project Zero

Issues for Us | Art in Writing 6

Issues for Us | Art in Writing 5

Issues for Us | Art in Writing 4

Issues for Us | Art in Writing 3

More than words can say (NAAE)

This is a collection of papers that attempt to define what is meant by ‘literacy’ in each of the art forms: dance, drama, media, music, visual art and design. The intention is to stimulate discussion amongst teachers and to raise awareness of the potential for the arts to enhance learning across the curriculum. Chapter titles […]