Bell Biennale at Bell Primary from Art Education Victoria on Vimeo.


Chelsea is a second-year graduate teacher at Bell Primary School. Leading up to the Biennale Art Show students explored a variety of Asian arts practices both in Visual Arts and the Performing Arts resulting in an arts rich celebration. Watching the video and use the reflective questions below to consider your own practice and how you might improve. Links have been provided for exploring the ideas and allowing you to deepen your professional knowledge.

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Student engagement

Knowing your students and how they learn is a key part of being a successful teacher. Chelsea mentions during the interview the importance of seeking creative input from students in the direction of the learning. How could you better incorporate student voice into your planning?

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Community engagement

Involving members of the school community is valuable to all involved. Chelsea spoke about the use of Volunteer Squad in coordinating volunteers. How could you increase or improve your engagement of the community within the Visual Arts program?

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Intercultural understanding

The Victorian Curriculum outlines development of intercultural understanding through learning experiences of diverse cultures in ways that recognise commonalities and differences, create connections with others and cultivate mutual respect. How could you better address this part of the curriculum through your Art Program?

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Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia

The AusVELS cross-curricula priorities outline that students need to have the understandings of ‘The peoples and countries of Asia are diverse in ethnic background, traditions, cultures, belief systems and religions’ (AusVELS OI.1) and ‘The arts and literature of Asia influence aesthetic and creative pursuits within Australia, the region and globally’ (AusVELS OI.4). How could you emphasise the cross-curricula priority of Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia more in your art program?

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Student development 

Significant improvement in student achievement can be seen when students are given specific, timely feedback with an opportunity to act on it. Chelsea recognises the role that the journals and conferencing played in the feedback loop with her students. How could you improve the constructive feedback that you provide for your students?

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Working collaboratively

Interdisciplinary learning increases the entry points for students to engage with the content and contribute in meaningful ways. Chelsea mentions a few of the ways that the art program engages other areas of the school. How do you ensure that student skill and understanding is transferrable across the learning within the school?

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