The Media Masters for Kids! (Primary School) – Online Course

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Online course available now!

Take your students and/or children on a journey to become the next generation of Media Masters!

Are they into YouTube? Twitch? Or maybe even TikTok? This course is for them.
It’s time to inspire, learn, and create!

Media Masters (For Kids) is an online and animated course for children aged 5–12.

The course consists of lesson videos and downloadable classroom resources for each lesson, plus a certificate!

Jordan, the world’s greatest animated instructor, will take you through ten lessons covering a variety of topics, from camera angles, to colours and lighting, to animation, video games and internet safety.



The Media Masters for Kids! (Primary School) – Online Course
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$55 (incl gst) Purchase Media Masters (for Kids) – FULL COURSE (12 videos & resouces)

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