President - Steve Marks

Atelierista | Princes Hill Primary School
Sessional Educator | National Gallery of Victoria

Creativity has always played a central role in how I explore the world and express myself. From a very young age art appealed to me as a language for communicating my thoughts and feelings with others. Whether it was drawing from my imagination or laying down thick impasto paint, I was in my element when making art. This has only heightened through the years and I have enjoyed sharing my art online and through exhibitions.

On leaving school, I was very much interested in making a difference in the lives of young people and assisting them in finding ways to make sense of their worlds this is what lead me to teaching as a profession. I have now been in education for over ten years and have had the privilege of working at a range of levels within the system from schools to the state education department.

I am currently holding a part-time position at Princes Hill Primary School (PHPS) as the Atelierista (specialist of the studio) in the grade 3/4 learning neighbourhood. Here I assist students in deepening their understandings through the inquiry through the many different forms of communication. We have purpose built spaces at PHPS which allow the student to develop their authentic voice and form natural approaches to inquiring about themselves, others, and the world. It goes without saying, our art spaces are my favourite part of the learning environments.

I also hold a role as a sessional educator at the National Gallery of Victoria. I revel in leading students through our most celebrated galleries and assisting them in making connections with the collections.

I have been on the council of Art Education Victoria for the last four years. I have found it to be a place of empowerment and growth as it has allowed me to work with some of the most inspirational people and in the most amazing places. I am grateful for the opportunities that it has provided and I appreciate the community that it supports.

I would like to continue to contribute my big picture thinking to AEV and establishing strategic approaches to ensure that we stay a dynamic support for visual arts educators of all settings and locations. I am greatly excited by the ways the visual arts can support critical and creative thinking. I am most passionate about the possibilities that can about when we collaborate.