Life Member - Nancy Whittaker

Nancy Whittaker has been an art teacher in both government and independent schools, in the city and country, at  every level from prep to tertiary in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Great Britain, and Canada, in addition to teaching grade four maths and English in Montréal. She worked as a commercial artist in PNG Department of Information and Extension Services, then, lectured in Art Education at Madang Teachers’ College. She has also been a lecturer in Art Education at Melbourne University prior to becoming an Arts Policy Officer with the Ministry of Education. This was followed by a position as an Extension Education Officer with the Joint Council of Subject Associations (JCSAV) for seven years, responsible for all subject associations in the state of Victoria, in addition to providing Professional Development for Extension Education Officers (EEOs) in Subject Associations and Cultural Institutions (including NGV, MOV, Zoo et al), prior to her retirement to Maldon.

After retiring, Nancy was the Coordinator at the Maldon Visitor Information Centre (VIC) for seven years, and concurrently co-editor of The Tarrangower Times with her husband, the late Dr Geoff Hammond for two years.

She has since worked as the editor of the TT while the regular editor was on annual leave in 2010 and 2011. Nancy has written, edited and produced a number of newsletters, including TAG News (Tertiary Arts Education – for all tertiary arts faculties in the  state), JCSAV News (Joint Council of Subject Associations of Victoria), EEO News (Extension Education Officers), Maldon Matters (for Maldon Inc), Maldon VIC Writer’s Feast and the VIC Gazette for the Mount Alexander Shire Tourism Services Unit. Nancy has been writing monthly Arts About articles on the Maldon arts scene since 2007, as well as Social Pétanque reports, Maldon Movies Film Society updates, and occasional letters to the Editor. Her current gig is leading the In Maldon Today (IMT) team on MAINfm 94.9 (which of course stands for Maldon And Its Neighbours).

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