Board Member - Martine Corompt

Program Manager | Bachelor of Arts Fine Art – RMIT University

Martine Corompt is currently the Program Manager for the BA Fine Art RMIT University. In addition to managing a program of 500 students she is also a parent, an artist and teacher, specialising in the intersections of fine art, public art, and moving image. Since 1995 Martine has exhibited widely in individual and group exhibitions, locally, nationally and internationally working predominantly with animation, projection and installation with a specific interest in aspects of reductive representation, and the subject audience relationship. Motifs such as the reductive representation of the natural and unnatural landscape contributed to the theme of her PhD research project titled: Cartoon and the Cult of Reduction completed at the VCA Melbourne University in 2017.

Martine is passionate about the role of creativity in all forms of education and in guiding young people to help find their career path in the creative industries. She is committed to the cultural importance of creative practice in our communities as a method of communication, critique, belonging, and coping with change. Martine believes that our education system needs the Arts more than ever and would be thrilled to help foster this and be part of the ongoing advocacy of Art Education Victoria.

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