Deputy Chair | Board - Demi Nicolaidis

Learning Area Leader | Visual Arts Templestowe College

Deputy Chair from Sept 2022 – present

Demi Nicolaidis is the Learning Area Leader for Visual Arts and a member of the Curriculum Learning Group. Demi has taught visual arts for 25 years and has been teaching students at Templestowe College for the past 15 years. Demi is also a committee member for the Arts Advisory Committee at Manningham City Council and has been an exam assessor of Studio Arts at VCAA for the past 6 years.

Demi has a Bachelor of Education, Fine Arts from Melbourne College of Advanced Education, specialising in painting and drawing. She strongly believes in cross curricular learning and has an interest in extending opportunities for students to be involved with art projects in their local community. She is passionate about instilling curiosity and a love for exploration in young people and providing freedom for creative expression in art making. Working in an alternative setting, she places importance on a balance of student led and teacher directed tasks and strives to build skills and processes for future study at VCE level.

Demi values art education and is committed to the continued development and growth of Visual Arts within schools. She would like to contribute by establishing effective teaching and learning strategies for VCE educators and building enriching programs across the visual arts.

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