Lena Cirillo

Executive Officer | Art Education Victoria Lena Cirillo is the Executive Officer of Art Education Victoria, an artist, qualified teacher and speaker. She is a facilitator/mentor/coach and is a consultant for various organisations and institutions, including the Victorian Academy of Teaching and Leadership. Lena has presented at conferences and special events, and delivers leadership, art […]

Amelia Bird

Program Coordinator | Art Education Victoria Amelia is an arts and cultural management professional working across education, public programs, exhibitions, and the delivery of arts and cultural events. She joins Art Education Victoria from Museums Victoria, where she is a key member of the the Outreach Education Team at Melbourne Museum. With a focus on regional engagement, […]

Elizabeth Knight

Visual Arts Specialist |  Elizabeth Knight is currently teaching Visual Arts in Regional Victoria at Brauer College. She is teaching. Elizabeth has taught in both private and government secondary schools in Regional Victoria. Her classes have engaged with Community partners to produce art pieces for the School and Community projects. Elizabeth is also a practicing […]

Hau Ong (Andy) Ding

Achievement Leader for Art, Performing Arts and Technology | Gleneagles Secondary College Board Member from August 2019 to August 2022 Acting Chair from Sept 2022 – Jan 2023 Secretary current Hau Ong is the Wellbeing and Inclusion Leader at Gleneagles Secondary College and previous to this he was the Art and Technology Teacher at a […]

Demi Nicolaidis

Learning Area Leader | Visual Arts Templestowe College Deputy Chair from Sept 2022 – present Demi Nicolaidis is the Learning Area Leader for Visual Arts and a member of the Curriculum Learning Group. Demi has taught visual arts for 25 years and has been teaching students at Templestowe College for the past 15 years. Demi […]

Jenny Lu

Associate Director | Faculty of Fine Arts and Music and Faculty of Arts at the University of Melbourne  Jenny is currently the Associate Director – Faculty of Fine Arts and Music and Faculty of Arts at the University of Melbourne. Jenny works closely with University and Faculty leadership, both academic and professional to manage budgets, forecasts […]

Martine Corompt

Program Manager | Bachelor of Arts Fine Art – RMIT University Martine Corompt is currently the Program Manager for the BA Fine Art RMIT University. In addition to managing a program of 500 students she is also a parent, an artist and teacher, specialising in the intersections of fine art, public art, and moving image. Since […]

Cindy Asp

Visual Art Specialist | Spotswood Primary School Board member from May 2023 – present Cindy Asp is the Visual Art Specialist at Spotswood Primary School (SPS). Over the last 18months Cindy’s role has extended to teaching Visual Art and Wellbeing. Cindy feels fortunate to be teaching both programs to young children, as she believes together, […]

Olivia Migani

Arts Professional Learning Teams Leader  | Tarneit P-9 College  Board Member Former Secretary from Sept 2022 – Jan 2023 Olivia is currently the Visual Arts Professional Learning Teams Leader at Tarneit P-9 College, Tarneit teaching across all years and currently teaching Visual Arts, Media Arts, Visual Communication Design and Textiles to 7-9. Olivia completed a […]

Natalie Shields

Visual Arts Teacher | Meadows Primary School in Broadmeadows Natalie is passionate about Visual Art education in the Primary Years and is a tireless advocate for genuine creative exchange in a multicultural learning environment. She creates space for new learning opportunities for her students, from community based art exhibitions, to engaging major cultural institutions in […]