Monash University and MUMA

The Secondary Art Education Symposium is one of the many secondary school initiatives hosted by ArtEdVic. Tailored for Visual Art Educators in Secondary School Years 7-10 and VCE Art Educators, this Symposium emphasises personal growth and ongoing learning. By encouraging educators to explore new pedagogical approaches, and peer-to-peer learning, we empower them to enrich the […]

National Gallery of Victoria

Our initiatives targeting VCE students, notably the KickstART program in partnership with the National Gallery of Victoria, is instrumental in improving access to arts resources. KickstART supports VCE Art Creative Practice and VCE Art Making and Exhibiting, providing students and educators with a special presentation at the NGV as well as high-quality toolkit for learning and practice. Through this […]

RMIT University School of Art, Museums and Galleries

We are deeply grateful for our partnerships with museums and galleries across  Victoria, which enable us to host events such as the annual Re-assemble Conference. Hosted in partnership with the RMIT University School of Art, this conference includes partnerships with various galleries and museums to create experiences learning through education in the arts. In 2024 our gallery […]

Department of Education and Training Victoria

Primary School Initiative supported by the Department of Education Our VisualArts360 professional development program is tailored to support primary school teachers to integrate visual arts and Cross Curricular Priorities (CCP) in their classrooms. Through online webinars, Q&A sessions, resources and peer-to-peer learning, the program features internationally acclaimed contemporary artists. In 2024, in our inaugural program we will be working […]