Professional Learning: Children as Artists

Professional Learning: Children as Artists

Our programs are facilitated by arts specialists, artists and experienced educators and meet the VIT and AITSL requirements for professional practice.

This semester our full-day program is Children as Artists presented by Professor Anna Hickey-Moody, an award-winning Australian writer and scholar based in Melbourne.. Working with children through arts based research, Anna takes an approach that combines ethnography and narrative to tell stories of community, education, art and belonging.

In this exciting program Anna will discuss the important influence that children’s art has had on Western artists such as Picasso, Klee, Pollock and Miro and explore this notion in relation to the Australian modernist works on display at Heide. She will offer new ways to understand and read artworks through the lens of children’s and outsider art, which sits outside formalised training andwas embraced by modernist artists for its naivety and spontaneity.

Anna will share lesson plans that can be adapted for primary or secondary curriculum and cover a range of media, along with an ‘impact map’, which has been developed to guide the successful delivery of the plans. Considering both individual and collaborative work, Anna will demonstrate how much can be achieved when foregrounding the skills and distinctive style of the untrained artist and assist program participants with ways to develop a dialogue on the subject with students.

This PD will address the following standards as listed in the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher registration in Victoria.

  • Establish and implement inclusive and positive interactions to engage and support all learners in learning activities. (Standard descriptor 4.1)
  • Plan and implement well-structured learning and teaching programs or lesson sequences that engage students and promote learning (Standard descriptor 3.2)
  • Undertake professional learning programs designed to address identified student learning needs. (Standard descriptor 6.4)


This full day program includes:

  • Guided tour of the exhibition House of Ideas: Cynthia Reed’s Studio
  • Morning and afternoon sessions with Professor Anna Hickey-Moody
  • Morning tea & lunch
  • Museum admission for the day (includes entry to all exhibitions)


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