Professional Development and Wild City Workshop | Incinerator Gallery

Professional Development and Wild City Workshop | Incinerator Gallery

This day long program offers a range of Professional Development experiences including the powerful and exciting student-centred teaching methodology, Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS), a Studio Habits of the Mind session and ends in a collaborative workshop with artist Kathy Holowko and her recent Wild City installation and exhibition.

Christine Healey (Curator Education and Community Learning, at the Incinerator Gallery) is an experienced Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) trainer, coach and facilitator. Christine will introduce the VTS methodology which has been proven to strengthen oral communications, literacy and creative and analytical skills among students of all ages. VTS uses facilitated discussion to practice respectful, democratic, collaborative problem-solving among students which transfers to other classroom interactions and beyond.

The Studio Habits of Mind framework was developed through the insightful research of Harvard Project Zero. SHoM is founded in the belief that the real product of art education is not the works of art, but the child. SHoM engages teachers of art to not only create kids who make good art, but create kids who think well as artists and an artistic mind. AEV President, Steve Marks delivers this SHoM session to empower teachers to engage their students in the 8 Habits presented in ShoM to inspire critical and creative thinking in the students development as an artist.

In the afternoon connect in a workshop led by artist, Kathy Holowko and engage with her Wild City. Create collaborative sculpture expressing thoughts and ideas about animal habitats in urban spaces and cities. The Wild City project is concerned with providing an experience for learning, making and creative expression based on real environmental issues.

In the workshop ideas of human and animal architecture and hybrid examples of coexistence are explored. Draw, plant and construct  ideas onto the mini city turning it into a lush green space that considers and includes wild animals as citizens in urban spaces.

Program includes lunch and refreshments.

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