NGV | Summer Learning Festival For Educators

NGV | Summer Learning Festival For Educators

Renew your creative spark and prepare for 2021 with this rich program of online talks, studio visits and workshops presented by NGV educators and guests artists and designers, inspired by the NGV Triennial.

Thu 14 Jan, 9.30am–2pm
Day Two : Reflection |  Identity

The theme of Reflection offers multiple perspectives on the human condition today and allowus to consider identity at both the individual and community level. It celebrates the dynamism and beauty of life, while also questioning what it means to live in changing times, where preconceived ideas of race, gender, representation and power are increasingly challenged.  

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop practical strategies for discussing and analysing artworks with students.
  • Gather inspiration for program planning and classroom practice.
  • Engage with current international contemporary art and design practice.
  • Use artworks to engage students, and enhance teaching and learning, across multiple learning areas and the capabilities, including critical and creative thinking, ethical thinking and intercultural awareness.
  • Develop practical strategies and activities for virtual classroom learning.


Location: Online

Duration: 9.30am–2pm

Cost: $80 per day

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