MPRG | Deborah Kelly collage workshop

MPRG | Deborah Kelly collage workshop

Exclusive opportunity for VCE Art & Studio Arts students and teachers

Learn to play purposefully with pictures and acquire the technical skills to create your own museum-quality, hand-made collage.

Deborah Kelly introduces you to her private collection of obsolete images, a treasure trove of abandoned western men’s art histories, and shows you how to cut them up and make new art from their remains. Over two intensive sessions, she will focus and exercise your visual literacy as you work side by side. You are encouraged to bring your own old art books to dissect and resurrect. A selection of papers, cutting mats, cutting implements, acid-free glue and vintage image materials will be provided.

Participants are encouraged to bring sharp scissors if that is their preferred cutting tool. Camera phones are useful for composing your works.

Teacher profile
Deborah Kelly is a Sydney artist whose works have been shown around Australia, across Europe, Asia and the Americas. She has delivered collage masterclasses in Aarhus, Melbourne, Istanbul, Leipzig, Sydney and Bandung; and considers the process an artwork in and of itself.

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