Join our Art Education Advisory Sub-committee!

Join our Art Education Advisory Sub-committee!

Art Education Victoria has established a new Visual Arts Education Advisory sub-committee with a volunteer membership that represents the visual arts education sector.

This comes in the context of supporting the ecology of the arts sector and how we can foster support for arts funding and arts education instead of watching our sector slowly shrink as cuts to arts funding/education is becoming a trend across Australia and the world!

ArtEdVic are advocates for our members, and we are evolving as an organisation and invite you to be part of our evolution especially in the context of the converging state and national curriculum reviews, in preparation for the Victorian Curriculum review in 2022, building our resources and providing programs that respond to our member needs as well as contributing to the ecology of our sector.

We intend to work together and advocate the sustainability of the arts education sector and foster support to each other and from the broader community.

We are looking for the following member expertise/experience:

– Primary School/Early years art educators
– Secondary VCE art educators
– Secondary 7-10 art educators
– Gallery/Museum/Cultural program educators/leaders (metro/regional/remote)
– Tertiary Institution visual arts representatives
– Identify as First Nations, a Person of Colour, or Culturally or Linguistically Diverse (teachers/advocates/curators…)
– ACARA and VCAA Curriculum (leaders/assessors/advisors)
– Any other suggestions not listed above – we are open to hearing from you.

The responsibilities of the Visual Arts Education Advisory sub-committee are to:

  • Establish and develop effective collaboration between leaders and/or members of stakeholder groups and ArtEdVic and focus on issues related to Visual Arts education.
  • Share our knowledge to inform and educate our sector in the aim to foster growth and support for arts education.
  • Advocate for high quality Visual Arts education in state and national jurisdictions through representing high-level views of their jurisdiction or organisation on matters discussed by the group, and to ensure, as far as practicable, that information relating to the work of ArtEdVic is communicated back to the relevant members of their jurisdiction or organisation.
  • Provide advice to the ArtEdVic Board/Staff on matters relating to Visual Arts curriculum F-12 development, implementation and reform through broad and meaningful consultation with cross-sectoral stakeholder groups and subject experts.


The Visual Arts Education Advisory sub-committee will meet primarily online with occasional face-to-face meetings and working groups may be formed, focusing on initiatives or issues in Visual Arts education. The group will be chaired by ArtEdVic Executive Officer or a Board member and may include project representatives. We will be meeting approximately every six weeks.

Membership is granted based on expertise, experience and interest in a particular field.

To be part of this group you will also need to be a member of Art Education Victoria.
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