Incinerator Gallery: Visual Thinking Strategies 2 day workshop

Incinerator Gallery: Visual Thinking Strategies 2 day workshop

Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) is a research based pedagogy that uses art to develop students’ critical thinking, communication and visual literacy skills. It engages learners at all levels and capacities in a rigorous process of examination and meaning making through a facilitated group discussion. VTS creates a safe environment whereby students are eager to participate and builds their ability to discover multiple solutions to complex problems. Through regular (monthly or more) VTS lessons improvements in students observation skills, evidentiary reasoning and speculative abilities can be measurably demonstrated. These are benefits that over time transfer to other classroom interactions and subject areas.

On the surface VTS appears to be very easy and simple. In this two day program participants will themselves look carefully at selected artworks, talk about what they observe and be encouraged to support their interpretation with visual evidence. Through deeper interrogation of the method participants will have a number of opportunities to practice VTS themselves in a supportive environment. Participants state this is the most rewarding part of the program. Teachers will learn how to be more ‘present’ or ‘in the moment’ in their teaching as well as build on their student’s interpersonal skills. Participants will leave this program ready to facilitate VTS lessons with their students in their next class.

The Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) pedagogy does not require specialist art knowledge or skills.

This workshop is for anyone wanting a deeper undertsanding on VTS than the one-day could provide. It is suitable for:

  • Teachers of all year levels (pre-school to tertiary) across all subject areas.
  • Professionals working to improve speech development such as EAL, people with early onset dementia or other mild cognitive impairments.

Previous attendees of this program are welcome to repeat to build on their Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) skills and knowledge.

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Christine Healey (Curator Education and Community Learning, at the Incinerator Gallery) is an experienced Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) practitioner. Christine initially trained in VTS in New York (2012), followed up with two fellowships at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (2013 and 2016). Christine introduced VTS and the VTS school partnerships at Heide Museum of Modern Art and is pleased to be bringing this pedagogy to the Incinerator Gallery and schools in Melbourne’s western suburbs.

Please contact Christine if you wish to discuss integrating Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) into your school curriculum. VTS school partnerships and coaching are free for Moonee Valley Schools.

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