The Dax Centre Education Program

The Dax Centre Education Program

The Dax Centre is a leader in the use of art to raise awareness and reduce stigma towards mental illness.  Through our exhibitions and educational programs we seek to engage, inform and encourage community connections and conversations about mental health.

The Dax Centre includes a gallery space, education programs and also houses the Cunningham Dax Collection.

The Dax Centre uses engaging education programs to explore the life stories and artworks of artists who have a lived experience of mental illness or psychological trauma. Using a multidimensional approach to discuss issues related to mental health and art, the programs create safe and supportive environments in which students can learn about the interface between art, the mind and creativity.

The Dax Centre has developed education programs for various learning levels from primarysecondarytertiary and postgraduate students, educators to the general public.  The programs are presented by professionals with a wide variety of backgrounds ranging from mental health clinicians, scientists, educators to curators.

Curriculum and VCE Programs
VCE programs closely linked to the current VCAA curriculum are offered in Psychology, Art, Studio Art, Health and Human Development, English and Philosophy are provided through our MindfieldsMini Mindfields and Making Sense programs. The relevant subject learning outcomes and curriculum rationale are addressed as students tour the exhibition and engage with the stories of the artists. Student worksheets for use before or after the visit are provided

Curriculum based programs can also be tailored to meet the needs of specific classes or other subject areas across Years 7-12. For example, programs have been delivered to meet the needs of VET (Health), VCAL (Personal Development Skills, Literacy), History, IB Psychology.

Student Wellbeing
All Education Programs offered at The Dax Centre provide a safe and supportive environment in which students can engage in discussion and activities promoting mental health and wellbeing.

Mind Me, Mind You has been developed based on our understanding of the positive impact engaging in art making activities has on student wellbeing and resilience.

ELVA (Enhancing Emotional Literacy through Visual Art)
ELVA is our primary school teacher training approach supporting teachers in using the visual arts in developing student social and emotional learning competencies. This innovative approach is evidence based, incorporating visual arts and mental health for primary school students. Find out more here.

Professional Development
The Centre also runs professional development sessions and workshops for VCE teachers of psychology, health and human development, art and studio arts to help them develop a safe and creative approach to teaching mental health.

If you are interested in any of the programs or wish to discuss the idea of tailoring a program to your needs, please contact the Education Manager at:

DET smallest
Monash University