How can we teach creativity in our art classes?


[caption id="attachment_922" align="aligncenter" width="771"]A maze by Katie A maze by Katie[/caption]

Don’t we do that already? Let’s look at what actually happens in the art class and how it could be done differently.

Normally, we design an exciting project, find great exemplars to inspire and ask students to come up with some ideas. It’s at this point that they often just want to go with their first and sometimes only idea. If we suggest how it could be improved, we may get a little pushback! They are not really motivated.

On reflection, perhaps it was the topic that didn’t grab them. So we search for more interesting and engaging topics. After all, the higher the quality of exemplars, the better the outcome! After making this extra effort, we get more traction and the results are maybe a bit more exciting. But again, something is... (log in or join to continue reading)

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