Gluing on the Right Side of the Brain!

Dr. Max Darby: Art Education Consultant; Artist in Residence; Workshop leader. The photo below is one of the many environmental murals I’ve undertaken as an Artist in Residence with primary-aged students. The major intention is obviously to enhance the visual/aesthetic environment of the schools in which I work. But the murals are much more than […]

Sunflowers (Level 2)

Julie Oldenburger Using Vincent van Gogh’s sunflowers to inspire the exploration of different qualities of two and three-dimensional materials for our new Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden. Lesson One: Drawing The children were introduced to a variety of van Gogh’s sunflower paintings via the interactive whiteboard. I encouraged discussion through questioning; “What colours did the artist […]

Abstract Sculpture Project at St Catherine’s School

Vicki Marinelli In 2014, Year 8 students visited the NGV to view Inge King’s sculptural work as inspiration for making abstract ceramic sculpture. We spent time in class brainstorming and sharing descriptive language as well as learning art specific language such as maquette, figurative and that one that always confuses students; the difference between abstract, […]

Robbie Rowlands

STUART KOOP Seeing a body with holes, the incision so precise, the removal of plasterboard section so clinical, the insides exposed. I guess Rowlands’ work is no less than ‘a flaying’ as one critic put it (while she beat a hasty retreat, the work too abject for her). Indeed, it did put in mind, Rembrandt’s […]