A 2023 perspective on Art Education

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Nurturing excellence in visual arts teaching

In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the importance of professional development for visual art educators. As schools face budget cuts and prioritise core subjects, it is crucial to advocate for continuous learning opportunities that support the growth and excellence of visual art educators, especially educators teaching out-of-field content and as technological […]

Digital Learning and Teaching in Victoria | DIGITECH and ICT across the Curriculum

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Studio Thinking with Lois Hetland

Towards the end of last year Laura and myself began talking about Studio Thinking and its framework for unpacking our practice. Studio Habits of Mind provide a great structure for us to consider how we develop authentic creative practice for students in our care. It became clear that this was something worth sharing and developing a […]

Gluing on the Right Side of the Brain!

Dr. Max Darby: Art Education Consultant; Artist in Residence; Workshop leader. The photo below is one of the many environmental murals I’ve undertaken as an Artist in Residence with primary-aged students. The major intention is obviously to enhance the visual/aesthetic environment of the schools in which I work. But the murals are much more than […]

I Can’t Draw: Abstract Portraiture

Julie Oldenburger Using continuous line drawing techniques with colour knowledge to introduce abstraction and ensure a sense of success “I can’t draw” – the comment all art teachers have heard in their classrooms. This activity is my response to this statement. I first read about ‘blind contour drawing’ while I was studying to be a […]

Sunflowers (Level 2)

Julie Oldenburger Using Vincent van Gogh’s sunflowers to inspire the exploration of different qualities of two and three-dimensional materials for our new Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden. Lesson One: Drawing The children were introduced to a variety of van Gogh’s sunflower paintings via the interactive whiteboard. I encouraged discussion through questioning; “What colours did the artist […]

My Mona Lisa

Nicole Wassell Grades 3 – 6 Arts Dimensions: Exploring and responding; and creating and making Learning focus: Creativity: ways to develop original ideas Art Elements: Awareness of making choices with colour, texture, tone, tints and shapes to make their own version of the Mona Lisa Processes and techniques: Collage: cutting, tearing, pasting Materials required: Stimulus […]

Approaching contemporary art in your class

Helen Berkemeier Contemporary art provides exciting opportunities for students and teachers; it opens up new ideas, reveals innovative approaches for making art, prompts inquiry and facilitates deep discussion. It is diverse and fluid, reflecting shifting times and contexts, changes in materials and techniques, artistic methods and audience engagement. And, although contemporary art can at times […]

Bell Biennale 2015

Chelsea Kneale Every two years Bell Primary School puts on a school production. It has always been a huge success, but with two problems: it was primarily teacher driven, with the children in the leading roles becoming the stars of the show, whilst the others faded into a sea of faces in the chorus. This […]