Nurturing excellence in visual arts teaching

In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the importance of professional development for visual art educators. As schools face budget cuts and prioritise core subjects, it is crucial to advocate for continuous learning opportunities that support the growth and excellence of visual art educators, especially educators teaching out-of-field content and as technological […]

Digital Learning and Teaching in Victoria | DIGITECH and ICT across the Curriculum

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BEYOND TECHNOLOGY: What I Learned About Students with a Disability from Remote Teaching

Looking BACK I teach Art in a Special School, which caters for students with an intellectual disability in Years 7-12. When Remote and Flexible Learning started, we moved online. Every day, I met with my students through video conferencing, and for 6 weeks, we created Art together in a virtual space. During Remote Learning, I […]

Studio Thinking with Lois Hetland

Towards the end of last year Laura and myself began talking about Studio Thinking and its framework for unpacking our practice. Studio Habits of Mind provide a great structure for us to consider how we develop authentic creative practice for students in our care. It became clear that this was something worth sharing and developing a […]