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The main areas discussed in this video include:

  • Learn all about the National Gallery of Victoria exhibition Van Gogh and the Seasons (appropriate for the 2017 Studio Arts Exam)
  • Explanation of the key roles including the artist, the curator, the exhibition designer, conservation concerns and methods of art promotion
  • The key guidelines on how to write an informative review of the Vincent Van Gogh Exhibition (appropriate for the 2017 Studio Arts Exam).

UNITS 3 >4

A NEW series of 10 online video lectures responding to the VCE Studio Arts Study Design Units 3 & 4 2017>2021. Each lecture covers an individual Unit of Work such as Writing and Exploration Proposal, The Annotation of Art, Exhibition Review, Galleries and more.

The online video lectures focus on the important components a student needs to remember in order to achieve the best result possible.

The lectures point out to the student the best direction to take with each unit of work, what to include and what to avoid. The presenter Therese Gilligan is an experienced writer for VCE Studio Arts, a VCAA Examiner and has extensive experience as a VCE Studio Arts Educator.  Therese has been presenting lectures to schools since 2003. The addition of the online video lectures has been a 4cats Education project since 2015, they are now available to purchase.

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