Council Member - Deanna Ganyu

Visual Art Specialist | Lowtherhall Anglican Grammar/Australian Catholic University

Deanna is a visual arts specialist for the last 22 years since graduating from University of Melbourne in 1997, specialising in Tertiary, Primary and Early Childhood Education. As well as continuing in her role as a service teacher, she has been working as a sessional academic at Australian Catholic University within the Faculty of Education and the Arts for the last four years and Torrens University within the Faculty of Education. Her teaching focus is centred around the Creative Arts in Early childhood and primary education, specifically Visual and Media Arts, cross-curricula arts education in primary contexts, Inquiry approach to learning and the Reggio Emilia education project. 

Research interests are the relationship between child agency and architectural space, alternative pedagogies across cultures, the practice of learning through observation, the interrelationship between inquiry-based learning and studio practice and the interplay between materials and sustainability. Her Masters thesis investigated approaches to inclusive education with a focus on the interplay of cultures and diverse arts programs. She is currently undertaking her PhD at Curtin University within the Faculty of Education. She has been appointed as a State Arts Assessor at VCAA working on the Excellence in the Arts project in 2016 -2018. In this role, she has engaged with evaluating Visual and Media Arts curriculum and education policy at a state level. 

Deanna is a practising artist who has exhibited both in Australia and Canada. Her undergraduate degrees included studies in Fine Art, Textiles and Architecture. This study of Architecture and engineering design principles began her advocacy for the principles of sustainable design and her understanding that it is our role as educators to support children from early developmental stages learning these principles as a guiding framework for their own creative evolution.