Secretary - Jes Simson

Product Manager | Freelance

I’m a product manager and designer at Simson Cards, my family’s greeting card company here in Melbourne. This means that I basically spend a third of my day steeped in excel spreadsheets teasing insights out of data, a third creating and executing product and marketing strategies, and the rest helping nudge our creative team to become better designers. I rely on the visual literacy skills I gained at school and university for everything I do – from helping design better products, to making sure that data communicates complex things simply. I’ve got a Bachelor of Creative Arts and a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Melbourne.

I’m incredibly grateful to the many art teachers who have taught me over the years (some of whom are even AEV members!) I would not be who I am without their dedication, patience, inspiration and guidance. Working in creative industries, it’s also not hard to see the social benefits of creative and visually literate community. I’m passionate about the power of creative thinking skills and visual literacy in building confident, self aware and resilient students. I hope to continue to use my strategic and analytical skills and creative flair to continue to grow the AEV community, and the state of art education in Victoria.